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Our Hearts are Made to Break Open

An anthology of poetry, witchcraft and sex from author and witch Gede Parma/Fio Aengus, with imagery and deisgn from artist and witch Luke Brohman

Gede Parma & Luke Brohman
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This unique anthology project is available for purchase as a digital download for only $13 AUD.

You will recieve a high-resolution Digital PDF to keep; viewable on your mobile, tablet, and digital devices.
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“Here is wild, terrific poetry and compelling art, seething up from inside the crucible of The Art itself, a fierce confrontation from the spirit of beauty that refuses to go gently and keeps on singing bravely, straight into the face of ignorance.”

Lee Morgan, 'Sounds of Infinity'

An Anthology by Gede Parma/Fio Aengus

Co-created by witches: author Gede Parma/Fio Aengus, and artist Luke Brohman.

An exploration of witchcraft & sex through poetry and photography-art. 

This is available for purchase now! $13 AUD, and you receive a lovingly crafted PDF book to download and keep. Follow the link below to download the digital PDF. Link will be available for 24 hrs from time of purchase.

“This book is the love spell we have been waiting for. During times that diminish the power of the mystic, we need poets who dance between the worlds. Santika takes us on a journey along the knife’s edge and back again to remind us that magic is inside our own bones and the blood of our ancestors.”

  • G. Ravyn Stanfield, ‘Revolution of the Spirit: Awaken the Healer

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