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Our Hearts Are Made to Break Open

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This is a co-creation between two artists, witches, queers…

Poetry & Photography-art…

WitchCraft & Sex…

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A collection of petry, essays and reflections by author Gede Parma
This is a collaboration between two artists, witches, queers…

Come on a journey into the vital world of witchcraft with Gede Parma.

Fio Aengus/Gede Parma is a Balinese-Australian witch, initiate, mentor, published author, poet, dancer, cunning person, and eternal student. 

Since 2009 they have been travelling up and down the East Coast of Australia, Tasmania, Europe, Britain, Ireland, Turtle Island (USA and Canada), Aotearoa (New Zealand), Bali, and Brazil offering their intensives, workshops, cunning services, and connecting and communing with potent, noble, wondrous spirits and communities. 

Fio is passionate about the intersection of body, eros, folklore, faerie faith, traditional witchcraft, brown and black magic, feminism, and liberation. 

Featuring photography art by Luke Brohman, founder of FleetFoot Photography. Luke is an visual media artist of multiple disciplines; photography, illustration, animation, film. He is a devotee of Hermes, practicing his witchcraft as a tactile conversation about the dynamic tension of paradox and portals, of this world and of the other. His alchemy is in the potential of the material; of glass and lens, of pencil and paper, of microchip and LED screen, of light, colour and shape.