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Hi there! I’m Luke, a Brisbane based creative who, like most of us, just can’t settle on one particular interest. I love visual media; photography, film, animation, illustration, digital painting and still-life. That said, photography excites me because of its ability to illuminate a fragment of the human experience, and it helps me to observe and reflect. I am driven by the inherent beauty of this world; the awe filling sunset or breathtaking landscape; and the hidden moments, the unique expression of a smile or a fleeting interaction.

The ability to find beautiful composition in everyday moments and allow people to see themselves in a way that others do, inspires me to continue my work of capturing the ever emergent story of life.

I consider myself a perpetual student of visual media and will always seek out new knowledge and skills. I picked up my first camera 16 years ago and haven’t stopped learning since. My training and education includes: an Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media, studying Animation, Film & VFX, at TAFE Brisbane, completed in 2013; and a Bachelor of Animation, majoring in Art Direction, at Griffith University, completed in 2016. I have been a teacher of art and film for the past 5 years and enjoy working with other Brisbane creatives contributing my skills where needed for their various exciting projects.

I hope to work with you to express your beautiful self, whatever it’s for: a special occasion, festival, ritual, or spellwork; professional headshots; awkward family or housemate glamour shots; or something exciting for your social media profiles.

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